About us

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A hardworking team

Centuries ago, American whalers including Captain Starbuck and his sons traveled the seas in search of their prize. Success often depended upon the skill and endurance of just a handful of hardworking souls. A small but effective team made all the difference.

Starbuck and crew on the high seas, by Mead Schaeffer, 1923.
From the Mary Evans Picture Library/The Image Works

Quality craftsmanship in building

Today, large impersonal production homebuilders dominate the housing industry. However, Starbuck Realty preserves and embodies the notion that a handful of skilled craftsmen can produce higher-quality products that reflect our customers’ appreciation for only the finest uniquely designed and built custom homes.

The Starbuck Difference

What distinguishes us from the others? It is the combination of innovative design, quality craftsmanship, and thoughtful site planning. Each and every project starts with one simple question: if we build here, how can we best preserve the architectural integrity of the neighborhood? The answer to that question determines what we build. In short, we do not force our program on the community. Rather, we compliment what already is there. We believe this is a refreshing and welcome change from much of the new construction you see on the market today. 

Cast out

At the helm of high-end, new development in the Arlington area, Starbuck Realty is actively seeking new property in North Arlington neighborhoods for redevelopment. Working directly with you “owner to owner,” we can offer an efficient sales process with minimal transaction fees, flexible timing for sale and occupancy, as well as fair market price on an “all-cash” basis. Our redevelopments are regularly hailed as among the highest quality and most design sensitive new homes in North Arlington—allowing you peace of mind in knowing that your property has been entrusted to a thoughtful developer. Please contact us to request more information on our purchase process and discuss the eligibility of your home